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Have you ever noticed the cracking of tiles or hear a hollow sound when walking on a tiled floor? The reason: Cement and sand mixture used for fixing tiles doesn’t form a level base to cover the entire tile surface. Moreover, cement shrinks over a period of time, leading to hollow spaces under the tile. This is what causes the cracking of tiles or the hollow sounding tiles. Here is the perfect solution for it! USE MYK LATICRETE THIN-SET ADHESIVES FOR PROBLEM-FREE FIXING OF TILE & STONE. MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesive is a factory made cementitious dry powder which is mixed with water or special liquid additive to form a paste. This paste is applied on the floor concrete and the tile is pressed on it to complete installation. MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesives provide: Full bedding (cover entire surface) to the tile/stone Strong and problem-free installation when compared to the conventional method. MYK LATICRETE thin-set adhesives which have high bonding strength can be used for renovations without the hassle of breaking the existing tiles on the floor or wall. Tile or stone can be directly fixed with MYK LATICRETE thin-set adhesives without fear of de-bonding. MYK LATICRETE thin-set adhesives are manufactured under stringent quality control procedures to ensure world-class products that have been globally proven and professionally endorsed for years. Areas of usage: Residential and commercial floors and walls Swimming pools External cladding This superiority of MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesives is what has made them the first choice of those who demand the best. Offering you the complete assurance of a sound, crack-free and durable tile surface.
MYK LATICRETE ADHESIVES Polymer Modified Thin Set Adhesives Product SelectorApplication Adhesives They are single component thin set adhesives but with high polymer modification. Most suitable for exterior and interior installation of tiles and stones on floors and walls. Most varieties of tiles and stones can be installed using Polymer modified thin set adhesives. Advantages `* High bond strength and water resistance. * Increased flexibility and resistance to weather conditions. * Improved shock and impact resistance * Easy to install – fast and economical * Hassle-free and long lasting LATICRETE® 254 PLATINUM THIN-SET ADHESIVE The ultimate one-step, polymer fortified mortar for external facade installation of ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, stone quarry tiles, pavers and brick of size. Superior strength, flexibility to handle structural movements, non-sag property and taking on extreme weather conditions, are among its features. Mixed with water, it has a long open time with unsurpassed adhesion and workability. It is an approved substitute for LATICRETE® 111 powder mixed with LATICRETE® 4237/73 Latex Additive. • Ultimate bond strength. Can be used on various dry wall directly • Exceeds ANSI A 118.4/11 & EN 1348 for C2TES1 • Excellent for underwater applications • Single component, just add water LATICRETE® 335 MULTIPURPOSE THINSET ADHESIVE The multipurpose polymer fortified, thin-set mortar for interior and exterior installation of ceramic tile, stone, quarry tile, Glass Mosaic Tiles, pavers and brick. LATICRETE® 335 Multipurpose Thin set Adhesive is designed to mix with water, has a convenient open time with high adhesion and workability. LATICRETE® 335 Multipurpose thin set Adhesive is compliant to EN and ANSI standards. • Single component • Exceeds EN 1348 for C2TES1 and Exceeds ANSI A 118.4 • Highly flexible yet strong on bond strength • Suited for demanding external applications LATICRETE® Xtrabond 336 FSA thinset adhesive is a multipurpose, polymer modified thinset powder offering vast utility including applications on interior floor & wall as well as MBS floor Stone installations. It is a cementitious thinset powder designed to hold water within its matrix to install various types of tiles & stone on variety of substrates using thinset method of installation • High strength, polymer modified • Fast setting (Rapid drying) • Easy to use & part of MBS (Moisture barrier system) • Exceeds ANSI A 118.4 LATICRETE® 252 Ag SILVER THIN-SET ADHESIVE A multipurpose, polymer-fortified powder offering vast utility including applications for floor & wall in interior & exterior areas. It is a cementitious thinset powder to be mixed only with water to install various types of medium & large format tiles & stone on variety of substartes using thinset method of installation. • Multi purpose polymer modified thin-set adhesive • Exceeds ANSI A 118.4 • Suitable for mosaic, and various tiles & stones • Suitable for various substrates
A classy range of NITCO Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles ( PGVT), Glossy Vitrified Tiles ( GVT) , Ceramic Tiles & Vitrified Tiles available to decore your home & workplace with a stone and natural feel textures gathered by the desgners to renovate giving a NITCO Look.
Orient tiles dealer in delhi - Wall tiles as well as Floor tiles . Virified tiles, Ceramic Tiles PGVT , GVT body
Nitco tile dealer in south delhi
We are the official MYK LATICRETE Dealer in DELHI. We provide all kinds of - Tile Adhesive (Latex fortified thiset adhesive , polymer modfied adhesive , Epxoxy adhesive , Spot bonding Adhesive Latapoxy 310 ) - Screeds ( Screed 226 +3642 , LATASCREED 100 ) - Waterproofing ( 9237 water proof , Hydro Ban waterproof ) - Grout ( Cementious Grouts Aquasheild , 600, 500 , Admix 1776 ) - Epoxy Stainfree Grout ( Spectra lock , LATAPOXY SP-100 , 2000 Dazzel ) - Sealers ( Maxiseal , Maxiseal Plus , Maxiseal Aqua , Sealer 190 (For tile & stone care ) - Colour and gloss enhancer ( Preserva , Preseva Plus ) - Cleaners ( Clenza AQ, Clenza EF, Clenza EG, Clenza GA ) Latex fortified thiset adhesive ( 111 + 73, 111+ 4293, 290+ 333 ) Polymer modfied adhesive ( 254, 335, 252, XTRABOND FSA 336 ) Thin set Adhesive ( Slurry Bond Adhesive SPA 20, 290, 305, 307 ) Epoxy Adhesive ( LATAPOXY 300, LATAPOXY 270, LATAPOXY 210 ) Speciality Adhesive ( AAC Block Adhesive , LATICRETE DWA 215 ) Deleivery Service also available in South Delhi , West Delhi , East Delhi , North Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon (Gurugram) Lajpat nagar, South Ex, Vasant Kunj , Vasant Vihar , Karol Bagh , Pitampura, Janakpuri , Kalkaji , Govindpuri, East of Kailash , Cannaught place, Jagatpuri, Mangolpuri, Wazirabad, Green Park, Sarai Kale Khan , NCR ( National Capital Region )
MYK LATICRETE Grout for filling Tile gap done with Spacers. Available in 41 shades depending on Tile colour and texture with difference in packaging. 1 Kg Grout - Rs 60/- 10 kg Grout - Rs Rs 510/- Service available in South Delhi , West Delhi , East Delhi , North Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon (Gurugram) , NCR ( National Capital Region ), Noida UP
LATAPOXY® SP-100 Stainfree Epoxy grout for Floor and Wall is a stainfree, colour fast, chemical resistant, 100% solid epoxy grout suitable for ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, marble and stone, especially in stain prone areas such as kitchens and washrooms (residential and commercial installations) Epoxy Resin Kit Strong waterproof Service available in South Delhi , West Delhi , East Delhi , North Delhi, Central delhi , Faridabad, Gurgaon (Gurugram) , NCR ( National Capital Region ), Noida UP
MYK Laticrete Tile Cleaner/ Stone Cleaner. Most suitable for cleaning various substrates such as marbles, natural stones, cementitious tiles, epoxy grout removal, efflorescence etc.